Chethana is implementing the Samridhy programme among our SHG members regarding the organic farming practices of vegetables.  As an advanced action Chethana implemented Promotion of Zero Budget Farming and Household Waste Management among Marginal Families of 3 Districts in Kerala.

As the project aims, we conducted awareness classes in the beginning among the stakeholders as well as in the community on the bio- farming practices. We selected 30 community organizers from the operational area and trained them on the techniques of organic farming and composting methods including floor making, vermin bed making, roof and other safety measures needed for the vermin compost unit. These community organizers impart the same among the selected 1000 beneficiaries from the community. We published and distributed thousand copies of a booklet on organic farming practices among the beneficiaries. For providing quality seeds among the beneficiaries Chethana initiated to maintain a seed bank, in which we provided the seeds on time according to the requirement and we also distributed bio fertilizers to encourage the farmers.  Experts from Krishi Vigyan Kendra helped us to conduct workshops on organic farming practice and composting methods.

Market prices of biofertilizers are very high and this tends the people to go for chemical fertilizers to get high yield. But the introduction of household waste management leads the farmers to produce manure at low cost. Awareness on composting techniques also helped the farmers. By collaborating with the Municipality of Kayamkulam we distributed three thousand pipe compost units among the beneficiaries and other areas. Along with that awareness classes were arranged.

The beneficiaries utilized the services we provided at the maximum. They cultivated chemical free vegetables through organic farming. The community also began to make use of the household waste through the process of composting.

The project is implemented with the support of Krishi Bhavan, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, CPCRI etc