School Herbal Garden ( 10 special schools)-SMPB


Chethana started the School Herbal Garden project in 2014 and through the project Chethana has implemented School herbal garden in 85 schools in Alappuzha District. Including the recently completed 2018 25 schools allotted by NMPB in 2017-18. In continuation of these we conduct awareness programme for teachers and students. As part of these programmes, we have initiated to create awareness for the stakeholders in conservation, cultivation, prevention of medicinal plants (Teachers, Students, Interested Parents.) Awareness classes, seminars and workshops will be conducted for students and teachers regarding identification of medicinal plant its conservation cultivation and promotion.  

Also, as a part of the program Chethana will make continues verification in schools and also start the ‘Herbal Name slip Promotion’ to create awareness generation among school children and teachers. Also, once in a year Chethana is conducting Seminar & quiz competition about Herbal plants and all.