Chethana Susthidhi – Waste Management Programme


The Chethana initiates its way to the issue of the millennium. To find the solution for its own we have begin with campaigns, awareness generations and supply of household waste management techniques such as Vermipot, Pipe Compost Plant, Biogas Plants etc. We do also spread the message of 3 R’s in the community i.e. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Our organization gives special emphasis in waste management and gives awareness to the SHGs members in promoting waste processing units in every house holds.With the support of Kayamkulam Municipality we installed 2000 Pipe Compost units in  44 Wards of Kayamkulam Municipal Area and 120 units in Pallipad, Haripad and Chennithala Panchayaths. Our well trained SHGs members give awareness class to enhance the usage of this system and demonstration secession are also delt.

We promote Kitchen Garden through waste process.