Chethana Integrated Development Society, Diocese of Mavelikara, started the SPED III programme in 20 villages of Pallipad, Cheruthana, Chennithala and Harippad Panchayaths in Mannarashala, and Mavelikara Block at Alappuzha District on 2011. The selected villages are economically, socially, & culturally backward. The main reasons to start this programme in this area are: –

  •  To create a critical awareness of issues and problems within communities,
  • To develop the ability of the people to find out the solutions for the issues.
  • Efficiently make use of available local resources and services to address the issues. (There are a significant number and variety of these services and schemes, including various pro poor schemes, programmes and legislations that have been introduced by government and designed for delivery by PRIs. However, access to and use of these resources is poor and ineffective.)