Anna Mithra Programme

Chethana Cancer calendar and Charity box

As a part of Chethana’s Cancer campaign, Chethana distributes calendars and Ashakiranam Charity Boxes to mobilize funds in support of cancer patients.

Ambulance service

Chethana operates an Ambulance Service in the health sector of 3 revenue districts such as Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta and Kollam for the poor patients in a minimal charges

Chethana Saphalam

SAPHALAM is a 5 year result oriented programme to enrich a family for a sustainable development and to prolong a quality life in the community. Chethana Saphalam envisages Educational assistance according to the need of the family

St.Peter’s Hand

The Chethana St. Peter’s Hand Programme is one of the core programs of Chethana. Poor patients in our Operational area are supported by regular monthly assistance of Rs. 1000/- for their medical care. Chethana St. Peter’s Hand Programme operates in the following districts of Kerala such as Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kollam. The beneficiaries are selected irrespective […]

Welfare Programmes

Chethana Mangalya Sahya Nidhi Chethana Cancer Sahaya Nidhi Education Aid & Study material for children Chethana Medical Aid for the poor Chethana Shelter programme Chethana Pain & Palliative Care

Chethana Samridhy

As part of the Food Security and promotion of Organic Farming practices, Chethana operates a programme named “Samridhy” means Sufficiency for the widen eco friendly agricultural practices for sustainability in the Food production. For it, we have distributed seed packets of 20 varieties for more than 7000 families every year. Also, we organize soil test, awareness […]

Chethana Susthidhi – Waste Management Programme

The Chethana initiates its way to the issue of the millennium. To find the solution for its own we have begin with campaigns, awareness generations and supply of household waste management techniques such as Vermipot, Pipe Compost Plant, Biogas Plants etc. We do also spread the message of 3 R’s in the community i.e. Reduce, […]

Education Aid

In the beginning of the academic year, note books were supplied in the weaker sections through SHGs. About 15000 books were distributed in the 23 units of Chethana for the students pursuing studies in 5th standard to 12th standard.

Social Security Insurance Programmes

Micro Insurance is the protection of low-income people (those living on between approximately $1 and $4 per day) against specific perils in exchange for regular premium payment proportionate to the likelihood and cost of the risks involved. This definition is exactly the same as one might use for regular insurance except for the clearly prescribed […]

Green Belt Programme

With the support of Kayamkulam Muncipality we built a  Green Belt by planting 1000 medicinal plants around the waste dumping yard at Mukkola, Kayamkulam. This project envisage to make clean air in the surroundings of the dumping yard and environmental preservation.

Chethana Herbal Garden and Nursery

A model Herbal Garden is maintained in the premises of Chethana Central Office with 77 rare species medicinal plants comes under the RET category and 28 Star Trees. This helps the visitors to know more about our ancient and traditional Ayurveda Plants and its uses which is depicted in a board comprising of Botanical name, […]

Chethana Herbal Programme

Susthidhi School Herbal Garden Home H G Herbal Village Herbal Products  like  Vettiyer drink, cousion ,Dahasamini ,incha etc Jeevanam Jeevamrthum Herbal Nursery Herbal awareness program Herbal Competitions among students